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Apple MacBook PRO A1278 - 9.2 (2012)

Apple MacBook PRO A1278 - 9.2 (2012) (10626)

10626 10626
Product type - Refurbished
Product Code: 10626
Cosmetic condition:
Apple Apple
Technical condition:

Main characteristics:

  • Intel Core i5-3210M (3M Cache, up to 3.10 GHz)
  • 4GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • 500GB SATA
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • 13.3'' inches (33.78sm)
  • 1280 x 800 pixels
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Model MacBook PRO A1278 - 9.2 Class Business / home notebook
Status Renewed CPU Intel Core i5-3210M (3M Cache, up to 3.10 GHz)
RAM Memory 4GB DDR3 1600MHz Data memory 500GB SATA
Video Card Intel HD Graphics 4000 Display size 13.3'' inches (33.78sm)
Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels Audio High Definition Audio
Optical drive DVD rewritable LAN 10/100/1000 Gigabit
WIFI Apple Wireless Interfaces Firewire 800, 2x USB 3.0, Thunderbolt
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Manufacturer Apple
Warranty: 12 months

FAQ has both new and used equipment. In order to be as useful and honest as possible to our customers, we divide the products in our store into four categories according to the type of equipment. They are: Refurbished products Revalued products Open box products New products The refurbished equipment is a used equipment that is in excellent technical condition, after passing full functionality tests and maintenance in our renovation center. The revalued products are also in excellent technical condition, having undergone hardware diagnostics and maintenance. They may have slight and insignificant remarks on the appearance. They are usually associated with transporting the product, small scratches and / or light and / or dark spots on the screen of the device. Open box products - this category includes outlet equipment, which often serves as demonstration equipment. This is a serviced or brand new equipment that lacks the original packaging or part of the accessories. There may be slight cosmetic remarks that have nothing to do with the technical condition. New products in the stores of are new products with original packaging and all related accessories and consumables.
This is a technique that you can rely on, because we at have made sure that it undergoes complete hardware diagnostics, which includes a test for the operability of each of its components and replacement if necessary. With guaranteed high quality and at a much lower price than the original. Usually this technique has come out of a corporate lease of one of the big companies in Western Europe. The reason we buy this equipment is that these companies work with high quality products of well-known brands that we can trust. What is special about the revalued products is that there are cosmetic defects that do not affect the quality of the device, but can irritate you if you are a perfectionist. These are small spots or scratches on the screen or body and are individual for each product. They are the result of the use or transportation of the product. Some of them, such as spots on the screen, are visible only in certain situations (at an angle, a specific background color).
The appearance of the unpacked and new products is excellent. Refurbished and revalued products may have external remarks that we mention in the product description. These are usually slight singns of use or transport result, which we always warn you about. All of them have nothing to do with the functionality of the products.
Yes, you have the opportunity to buy your chosen products on lease, if their value is at least BGN 149. VAT included. The repayment period can be between 3 and 24 months for smartphones and tablets and between 3 and 36 months for other products. provides you with a choice between three credit institutions with which we have partnership. They are: BNP Paribas Unicredit Bulbank TBI Bank
Yes, all products in have a warranty that is different for the respective categories and brands. Renovated and revalued products category Printers, Smartphones, Tablets - 6 months Renovated and revalued products from the categories Computers, Laptops, Workstations - 6 months with the possibility of extension up to 12 months. Renovated and revalued products Apple, monitors and unpacked products category Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets - 12 months New products from the categories Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets - 24 months Battery warranty period: For new laptops: 6 months; For used (renovated, revalued) laptops: 6 months; For used (renovated, revalued) Apple mobile phones / tablets: 6 months; For used (renovated, revalued) mobile phones / tablets of other brands: 3 months.


Refurbished Apple MacBook Pro 9.2 A1278 (Mid 2012) laptop.

With the typical for Apple elegant and impressive design. The quality of craftsmanship is also top. The hinges are smooth, closing when glued is impeccable.
High precision in craftsmanship, 100% aluminum design, 13.3 "glossy black frame display and FaceTime HD camera.
Apple says improvements to the display and backlight have increased the color range by 60%. Generally, this brings excellent display of icons, symbols, and inscriptions.
The A1278 is configured with a dual-core Intel Core i5-3210M processor, 4GB DDR3 fast memory, built-in Intel HD graphics and 500GB storage for files and OS. With Turbo Boost Technology, which automatically boosts CPU speeds to 3.10GHz and Hyper Threading, it allows the system to recognize 4 virtual cores.
The photos of the renovated products are model examples.
It is offered for purchase online or physically in our showrooms - Sofia, Pleven, Rousse, Varna.
Condition RENOVATED with 12 months warranty from HOP.BG



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