Yes, has its own repair centre, whose purpose is to provide in the first place the warranty service of products purchased from us for 6 or 12 months, depending on the case. In addition, the service of offers post-warranty service, which is also exclusive for the equipment purchased from the online store or showrooms of
We at are trying to return the repaired product as soon as possible. This can be done no earlier than 3 and no later than 30 days after acceptance of the product in our service, depending on the specific problem. Requests for repair of warranty equipment are serviced with priority.

We can assist you in case that the laptop or computer that needs software diagnostics has a licensed Windows purchased from

The warranty of the products purchased from refers to the hardware and does not cover the software problems. Their resolution is a service that is paid extra. is not responsible for software installed by the customer, as well as for the information in the respective laptop or computer left in the service.

We recommend that you back up your information before leaving your service equipment.

Information for the products

The products you order from are packed safely in a transport box and equipped so that you can start using them immediately. Below you can see for which type of products what is additionally provided in a set:

  • laptops + charger.
  • desktop computers + power cable (only if requested by the customer).
  • monitors + power cable and/or computer connection cable (VGA or DVI) (only if requested by the customer).
  • smartphones + USB data cable (only if requested by the customer) and option to purchase a cheap quality adapter!
  • tablets + USB data cable (only if requested by the customer) and option to purchase a cheap quality adapter!
  • printers + power cable (only if requested by the customer)
Depending on the product you choose, there are differences . Refurbished products can reach half the initial price as new! This can be easily checked online for most models. In any case, these are expensive products, as the equipment we offer is of high business class.

The keyboards of the laptops we offer are not Cyrillic because these laptops are not manufactured for the Bulgarian market. For those of you for whom the lack of Cyrillic is an inconvenience, we have a solution. In stores you can find self-adhesive keyboard letters.

Laptops and computers in are offered without an operating system, but it can be added through the order. You will find an option to add licensed Windows 10 to each of the laptops and desktops in our online store. This service is paid extra and is optional for the customer.

The refurbished and revalued equipment in the online store is usually used between 24 and 36 months. This is the duration of the warranty and the corporate lease for the large companies in Western Europe, from which we purchased the equipment after the end of this period.

The devices offered by are fully unlocked and available for use by their new owners. None of them are associated with a mobile operator, user account or passwords.
It is different for all products and depends on the manufacturer, brand and operating system. Consult an employee of for the product of your choice. buys equipment only from its partner companies in Western Europe, which guarantees the origin of the products. We do not buy equipment from private individuals.
Yes, we offer this option almost without exception. Please check the information for your chosen product! There you will see options for adding RAM.
Yes, we offer this option almost without exception. Please check the information for your selected product! It lists the options for adding a hard drive and/or SSD. has both new and used equipment. In order to be as useful and honest as possible to our customers, we divide the products in our store into 2 categories according to the type of equipment. They are:

  • Refurbished products 
  • New products


The refurbished equipment is a used equipment that is in excellent technical condition, after passing full functionality tests and maintenance. Some may have slight and insignificant remarks on the appearance. They are usually associated with transporting the product, small scratches and / or light and / or dark spots on the screen of the device. 


New products in the stores of are new products with original packaging and all related accessories and consumables.

This is a technique that you can rely on, because we at have made sure that it undergoes complete hardware diagnostics, which includes a test for the operability of each of its components and replacement if necessary. With guaranteed high quality and at a much lower price than the original. Usually this technique has come out of a corporate lease of one of the big companies in Western Europe. The reason we buy this equipment is that these companies work with high quality products of well-known brands that we can trust. Refurbished products may have cosmetic defects that do not affect the quality of the device, but can irritate you if you are a perfectionist. These are small spots or scratches on the screen or body and are individual for each product. They are the result of the use or transportation of the product. Some of them, such as spots on the screen, are visible only in certain situations (at an angle, a specific background color).

The appearance of the unpacked and new products is excellent. Refurbished products may have external remarks that we mention in the product description.

These are usually slight singns of use or transport result, which we always warn you about. All of them have nothing to do with the functionality of the products.

Orders and delivery

You will receive the product you ordered to you door through the courier company "Speedy". If you wish, you can get your order in our sores in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse or Pleven. The choice of delivery method is made in the order form.

Delivery to the door of the costumer by courier of the company "Speedy" is made within 3 working days after the order. If you want to receive the product in one of the stores of in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse or Pleven, but the product is not available in them, you have two options:

  • Delivery within 3 working days, for which you should pay for the courier service.
  • Free delivery up to 14 working days.

Ordering in the online store is easy and fast. Please follow the steps below *: For a standart order

  • Click "Buy Now".
  • Fill in the required fields with data for name, address, contact phone number, etc.
  • Choose a way to receive the order.
  • Choose a method of payment for the order.
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Finalize your order by clicking "Order Now". You will receive feedback on your order at the specified email address.

  • For quick order
  • Click on "Quick Order" and just fill in a contact phone number.
  • Write down the order number that will be displayed on the screen.

A consultant will contact you to clarify the details.

* Valid both for orders that will be sent by cash on delivery and for orders that will be received in a store on

You have the right to return or exchange a purchased product from the online store within two weeks (14 calendar days) after recieving it. For the products you have bought on the spot in one of our stores in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse or Pleven the return period is 7 days.


You can pay for your order in the following ways:

  • cash on delivery - upon delivery to an address by courier
  • by bank transfer - by transfer order
  • through PayPal
  • by debit or credit card
  • on lease - by applying to a credit institution that works with - Unicredit Bulbank, BNP Paribas, TBI Bank

In one of our physical stores - Sofia, Plovdiv, Pleven, Ruse, Varna:

  • cash payment
  • on a POS terminal
  • lease
  • Bank transfer
Yes, you have the opportunity to buy your chosen products on lease, if their value is at least BGN 149. VAT included. The repayment period can be between 3 and 24 months for smartphones and tablets and between 3 and 36 months for other products. provides you with a choice between three credit institutions with which we have partnership. They are: BNP Paribas Unicredit Bulbank TBI Bank


We have no reason not to recognize the warranty of the products you have purchased from us, if the recommendations for proper operation and warranty conditions are followed.

Failure to perform warranty service can only occur if the damage is due to mechanical impact by the user:

- blow -


- wetting / flooding with liquids

- pressure - damage to buttons, sockets and jacks

The warranty does not cover damage from electric shocks and burnt ports. Whenever we have to resort to such a refusal, we issue a statement of findings in which we describe in detail the reasons for this.

The warranty of the products purchased from covers the damages of the hardware components, which are not fault of the customer. In these cases you do not pay for the labor and working parts.

Please note that repairing a defective component is not a reason to replace the part or replace the device. Replacement is performed when the specialists in our service center have determined that no repair is applicable.

The warranty period of the product is maintained regardless of whether it has been repaired or replaced.

Yes, all products in have a warranty that is different for the respective categories and brands.


  • Renovated products category Printers, Smartphones, Tablets - 6 months
  • Renovated products from the categories Computers, Laptops, Workstations - 6 months with the possibility of extension up to 12 months.
  • Renovated products Apple, monitors and unpacked products category Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets - 12 months
  • New products from the categories Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets - 24 months


Battery warranty period:

  • For new laptops: 6 months;
  • For used (renovated) laptops: 6 months;
  • For used (renovated) Apple mobile phones / tablets: 6 months;
  • For used (renovated) mobile phones / tablets of other brands: 3 months.

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