Products grading

 Refurbished Products


The renovated products are used products passed through the following stages of renewing:

1.     Technical check – going to full hardware diagnostics and testing;

2.     Service check – complete functionality check and warranty.;

3.     Prophylactics – omplete internal and external cleaning as well as replacement of parts, thermal paste, ventilators;

Packaging- individual polyethene packaging or cardboard box.




 Discounted Products


Goods or products with cosmetic, transportation or some other minor problem which does not affect their proper operation.



 OUTLET Products


There are several types of outlet product;

1.    Returns – products purchased by supermarket chains and returned by the end user for some reason.

2.    Clearance/End of line – products without significant problems, often unused or brand new, in working condition. They might lack original packaging or an accessory.

3.    Refurbished – these are electrical appliances which have been refurbished and are back for sale, with a warranty of between 180 days and 1 year. There are three types: (as) new, with minor cosmetic problems, and with more visible traces of usage.

4.    New – brand new goods discounted due to:

a)     Excess production;

b)     last season model;

c)     Purchasing from large chains of stores and suppliers that have gone bankrupt.;

d)     Freeing space for new product lines.





 New Products


New products, original packaging, original chargers, consumables and other specific accessories.




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