What is a revalued product in

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What is a revalued product in

As we have already mentioned, the products with the status "revalued", which you will find in, are used equipment and as such, it has cosmetic defects due to use and / or transport.

With this article we aim to present you the types of remarks, where they occur, which are the most common, why to choose a revalued product and its advantages.



Types of cosmetic remarks

They do not interfere with the normal functionality and operability of the product and can be:

  • white spots
  • dark spots
  • scratches
  • small dots
  • traces of use on the housing

Where do defects occur?

In the different product categories (laptops, monitors, smartphones and tablets) these external shortcomings occur in different places and are individual for each piece.


  • Laptops

On laptops you will find white or dark, one or more spots on the screen, which in no way interfere with their normal operation - brightness, contrast, colors.

Also, on models with thin and light cases (ultrabook type), a common remark is printed areas of the keyboard on the screen. They are usually only visible when the device is turned off. They are difficult to see or not notice when the display is lit. They look like light superficial thin scratches.




  • Monitors


Here the possible remarks are white and dark spots on the screen, small dots, scratches. They do not affect the functionality of the display and can be located in different places. These defects usually occur during transportation.

  • Smartphones and tablets

These are the most widely used devices in our daily lives. Their cosmetic defects are traces of use on the body and scratches on the screen. Less common are small white / dark spots or dots.

Here it is important to note that the housings and displays are in their entirety, without fractures, cracks and deformation.





Why buy a revalued product?

Many people would not prefer a technique with visible traces of use, have concerns that the remarks they have will become more or larger (especially light and dark spots) and this is where we want to highlight their advantages.

The revalued products have preserved the original appearance, excellent technical condition and last but not least at a lower price. With guaranteed origin and quality from

The needs according to which the user chooses his equipment, as well as the budget he has at his disposal, largely determine what external defects he could suffer. For business or personal use, each of the revalued products could benefit you, both refurbished and new. And we at will help you make the right and optimal choice.


Take a look at our revalued devices and you will find a variety of laptops at low prices, as well as monitors, computers, phones and more


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2 options
Smartphone Apple iPhone 8 256GB Space Gray

SmartphoneApple iPhone 8 256GB Space Gray

  • Hexa-core (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral)
  • 2GB
  • 256GB
  • Apple GPU (three-core graphics)



Laptop HP EliteBook 830 G6

LaptopHP EliteBook 830 G6

  • Intel Core i5-8365U (6M, 1.60 GHz, up to 4.10 GHz)
  • 16GB DDR4
  • 512GB SSD
  • Intel UHD Graphics for 8th Generation Intel Processors



Refurbished with slight sign of usage
Refurbished with slight sign of usage
Smartphone Apple iPhone XS

SmartphoneApple iPhone XS

  • Hexa-core (2x2.5 GHz Vortex + 4x1.6 GHz Tempest)
  • 4GB
  • 64GB
  • Apple GPU (4-core graphics)



Laptop HP EliteBook 830 G5

LaptopHP EliteBook 830 G5

  • Intel Core i5-8350U (6M, 1.70 GHz, up to 3.60 GHz)
  • 16GB DDR4
  • 256GB SSD
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620



Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 128GB White

SmartphoneApple iPhone 11 128GB White

  • Hexa-core (2x2.65 GHz Lightning + 4x1.8 GHz Thunder)
  • 4GB
  • 128GB
  • Apple GPU (4-core graphics)



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