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Workstation Dell Precision 5820

Workstation Dell Precision 5820

190818 190818
Product type - Refurbished
Product Code: 190818
Cosmetic condition:
Technical condition:

Main characteristics:

  • Intel Xeon W-2125 (8.25M, 4.00 GHz, up to 4.50 GHz)
  • 48GB DDR4
  • 1TB HDD
  • AMD FirePro W5100 (128-bit, 4GB GDDR5)
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Model Precision 5820 Class Workstation
Status Refurbished CPU Intel Xeon W-2125 (8.25M, 4.00 GHz, up to 4.50 GHz)
RAM Memory 48GB DDR4 Data memory 1TB HDD
Video Card AMD FirePro W5100 (128-bit, 4GB GDDR5) Audio High Definition Audio
LAN 10/100/1000 ethernet RJ 45 port Interfaces USB 3.0, DisplayPort,
Make Dell Warranty: 6 months (possibility for 12 months)




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