Warranty period 


The warranty period for each product is indicated in its description. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase.

After making the purchase you should make sure the warranty card has been filled in correctly. Otherwise it will not be valid. In case you find omissions or mistakes in the warranty card you have to inform staff immediately.


Warranty types


24 months

12 months

6+6 months*

6 months

New goods from the following categories: computers, monitors, laptops, smartphones, tablets

Renovated and discount iPhones* and monitors, and Open Box goods from the following categories: computers, monitors, laptops, smartphones, tablets 

Renovated and discount goods from the following categories: computers, laptops, work stations. The warranty shall only be continued for second 6 months after a mandatory preventive maintenance in the end of the first 6 months has been performed - otherwise the second 6 months of warranty shall be lost. Preventive maintenance prices for warranty extension are as follows: for laptops - BGN 20, for computers - BGN 10.


Renovated and discount goods from the following categories:  

printers, smartphones, tablets




*Does not apply to phone batteries - their warranty is 3 months. 

**Six more months are added to the first six months only under the condition that before the first six months expire the product undergoes preventive maintenance in the workshops. Warranty extension does not apply to the battery of the respective product, unless it is recycled. 


Warranty period for batteries


Batteries of renovated and discount products have different warranty periods from the products themselves. For the respective categories it is as follows: 

Renovated laptops - 6 months

Renovated and discount phones - 3 months

Warranty for batteries recycled by is 6 months. 


Warranty period extension


Clients may extend the warranty period of the purchased product after buying an additional warranty package. The standard price of the warranty package is BGN 50. Details shall be specified with staff.



General warranty conditions

Where a problem occurs or the product does not operate normally, it must be sent to an authorized workshop with the original warranty card, and all transport costs shall be borne by the customer.


Warranty maintenance shall only be done in the HOP.BG workshops. /addresses/

The period for performing maintenance/repairs during warranty is up to 30 days. During the warranty period all defective modules and components shall be repaired or replaced free of charge.

If the device has been taken in for repairs more than three times during its warranty period, the client will be given a replacement product by



Warranty termination

Warranty shall be terminated under the following conditions and if decfects occur as a result of:

1.     Electric shocks of all kinds.

2.     Damage caused by improper installation or improper connection to the grid. 

3.     Fires, earthquakes, floods, lightning or other natural disasters.

4.     Fluctuation of supply voltage 220V+/- 5%, i.e. using faulty electrical installation.

5.     Dust, sand, mud, humidity, pests and other contaminants.

6.     Defects resulting from improper transportation.

7.     Repairs performed by persons who have not been authorized by GIS EOOD (

8.     Broken or impaired marking (Warranty sticker and/or serial number sticker).

9.     Modification or usage of the product for purposes other than the intended one.

10.   Damage caused by other components, periphery and the product’s usage in an unsuitable environment.

11.   Devices shall be taken in for repairs only if the package is complete, with warranty card and description of the defect.12.   The system has not undergone preventive maintenance (cleaning) during the warranty period. 




Upon termination of warranty the client shall be notified by staff.


Software problems are not covered by the warranty and the related services are paid for.

HOP.BG is not responsible for loss or damage of information and data resulting from damaged media.


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