How to install Windows 10 on laptop and PC

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How to install Windows 10 on laptop and PC

In a few steps we will explain how to install Windows 10 on a desktop computer or laptop. Whether the OS (operating system) will be installed for the first time, you want to upgrade from an older version of Windows or you already have the OS installed and want to reinstall, these are the basic steps for installing Windows 10.


1. Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for Windows 10

For the latest version of Windows 10, the minimum requirements are:


  • CPU - 1GHz or faster CPU. This is a list of supported CPUs.
  • RAM - 1GB for Windows 10 32-bit and 2GB for Windows 10 64-bit
  • Hard disk - 32GB and / or more
  • GPU - video card supporting DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Screen - resolution 800x600 or higher
  • Internet connection - Some versions of Windows 10 require Internet access during installation


2. Creating installation media


Как да направя флашка с windows
How to make a flash drive with windows? Microsoft offers a specially designed tool for creating installation media. You can download it from this link.

In the section "Create Windows 10 installation media" click on the button "Download tool now" and the download of the program will begin.

You will need a blank USB flash drive (or DVD) with at least 8GB of capacity to put the Windows 10 installation files.

When you run the tool, you must agree to the Microsoft Terms of Service, then select the "Create installation media for another PC" option when you get to the "What do you want to do?"

You must first select the language, version, and whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit. You need to select the type of media you want to use - USB flash drive or DVD. Installation via USB flash is easier, but you can use a DVD.

When selecting USB, you will be shown a list of devices from which you must select your USB flash drive model. Then the installation files will be automatically downloaded and placed on your flash drive.


If you want to upgrade a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 computer to Windows 10, you can use the same software to create installation media.

Just run the program as an administrator and when you get to the question "What do you want to do?" select the "Upgrade this PC now" option and follow the remaining steps. This will give you the ability to save all your information and programs during the installation process.

3. Use of installation media

Plug the USB flash drive with the installation media into the computer on which you will install the OS and enter the BIOS.

This is the system that allows you to manage some aspects of your computer's hardware and is built into the motherboard. Access to this system (BIOS) is unique to each motherboard and we cannot describe step by step what to do. But you will easily find out how to access the BIOS by checking the computer manufacturer's website or motherboard.

The BIOS is usually accessed by pressing a specific key on the keyboard when the computer starts up. Most often these buttons are Escape, F1, F2, F10, F12 or Delete.


4. Change the order of the list of devices from which your computer boots

In the BIOS of your computer, you need to find the settings for the list of devices from which the computer boots the OS at startup. These settings are located in the "Boot" or "Boot order" section.

The computer will not load the Windows 10 installation tool from the USB flash drive until the USB device (or DVD) is placed at the top of the list of boot devices or “Boot order”.

You must also turn off the "Secure boot" option if it is enabled.


5. Save the changes to the BIOS settings and exit

Your computer should now boot into the Windows 10 installation tool, which will guide you through the remaining steps of installing Windows 10 on your machine.


6. Windows 10 installation tool


Инсталиране на Windows 106.1 Starting the Windows Installer
Here you have:

  • Installation language
  • Time and zone format
  • Keyboard and input method.

We recommend that you do not change anything at this stage.
Click the "Next" button.

6.2 Installation or repair?

Here you can start the installation or, if your computer has one, perform the various actions.
Select the "install now" option.

6.3 Product key.

Here you can enter your product key or skip the option with the "I do not have a product key" button. You press NEXT.

6.4 Operating system version.

In this step, select the version of the operating system that you want to install. Then click the "Next" button.

6.5 General conditions.

In this window you will see the general terms and conditions for using the software. If you agree with them, check the box "I accept the license terms" and click "Next".

6.6 Installation or upgrade.

In this option, you must choose whether to upgrade or install a new copy of the operating system (Advanced). Since this is an instruction on how to install an operating system, select the (Advanced) option, then it will take you to the next step.

6.7 Preparing the disk.

Разделяне на hard disk за инсталиране на Windows 10


Here we need to partition and prepare the operating system installation disk. If it already looks partitioned, it's a good idea to delete each part by selecting it and pressing the "delete" button, then only the main unallocated / partitioned disk will remain.

Now we need to create the new partition with the "Create" button.
A window will appear waiting for your consent (if you wish, you can divide the disk into several parts, select the size and click apply, then follow the same example for the remaining unallocated space), click "Apply" and then "OK".

When you're done, format the newly created "Primary"partitions.
The last step in this section is to highlight the partition on which you want to install and click "Next".

The installation process has already begun and the files are being prepared. During this process, the computer will restart several times.


7. Complete the installation.

In this part we will have to set up your new Windows.

7.1 Region.

Here you need to select the region in which it is used. Then click "Yes".

7.2 Keyboard layout.

In this part you choose what keyboard layout you use. If you are not sure, you better not change anything at this stage and click "Yes".
It will then ask you if you want to add additional languages ​​/ layouts. Click the "Skip" button.

7.3 Connection.

In this step, if you are connected to the Internet via a LAN cable, it will give you the option to enter / create your Microsoft account. At this stage, it is best to remove the cable and go back (click on the arrow at the top left "Back"). This will allow you to use a local profile (just set your device name and password (optional) .If you don't want to, just press "Enter" to continue.

If you are not connected via a wired connection, it will ask you to connect to a "Wireless Network", use the "No Internet" option, and then select "Continue with Restricted Setup".

In this part you will have to specify who will use the device, which will be the name of your device, after which you can enter a password.

7.4 Customization.

In this part you should customize your device.


  • "Do more with your voice" - select the option that suits you and press "Accept".
  • "Allow Microsoft and applications to use your location" - select the option that suits you and click "Accept"
  • "Find my device" - select the option that suits you and press "Accept"
  • "Send diagnostic data to Microsoft" - select the option that suits you and click "Accept"
  • "Improve handwriting and input" - select the option that suits you and click "Accept".
  • "Get personalized experiences with diagnostic data "- select the option that suits you and click" Accept "
  • "Allow apps to use ad ID" - select the option that suits you and click "Accept"


7.5 Ready to go.

You are waiting for the operating system to boot at the Desktop level. Then you are done with the main installation.

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